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Terroir is transforming how the world thinks about wine, spirits, and beverages. We believe that everything should come from knowledge and conscious appreciation. Conceived under a responsible consumption approach, we aim to bring diversity and inclusion to this captivating industry. We are opening the exciting world of wine and spirits to crowds that usually overlook it simply for the lack of proper exposure.

Our dynamic educational programs are designed to empower consumers and industry professionals by expanding your senses of taste and smell increasing the overall food and beverage appreciation. So, the next time you are asked to bring wine to a dinner party, choose a nice bottle in front of your boss, business partner, or potential investors instead of feeling nervous, you will be eager and confident to dive into the wine list.

In addition to our comprehensive classes, Terroir DC offers an extensive variety of products and services.

Full disclosure: by hanging out with us, you might get bitten by the wine bug.

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Founder and President

Fernando Castro Gómez

Founder Fernando Castro

Fernando Castro Gómez is the co-founder and President of Terroir. He is recognized as one of the most distinguished young sommeliers and wine educators in the country. Since 2002, when he opened his first burger joint, he has forged a fruitful career as a Bar Manager, Sommelier, wine educator, business owner, and entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years, Fernando has gained experience in all sectors of the Food, Wine, and Beverage industry and a profound understanding of the operational and educational needs of the consumer and service sides of the industry.

Fernando has been and continues to be involved in many facets of the hospitality business. After participating in several projects in Colombia and Brazil, he moved to New York City in 2012 and his very first venture was at Porter House’s Center Bar, where he worked alongside distinguished Chef Michael Lomonaco. A couple of years later while looking to expand his knowledge in the industry, he enrolled in the American Sommelier Association and under the guidance of renowned Wine Educator, Andrew Bell, Fernando graduated in 2016 with honors. Afterward, Fernando landed his first wine-dedicated role at Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. As part of his experience, he trained with Aldo Sohm, André Compeyre, and Erick Ripert, which had a tremendous impacting on his outlook on wine. In the summer of 2018, Fernando was hired as Lead Somm for The Mark Restaurant by Jean George gaining exposure to a unique blend of fine dining, high volume and luxury set in an ambiance that only the exclusiveness of Upper East Side’s Manhattan can offer.

Since 2017, Fernando also became the lead instructor at his alma mater (*American Sommelier Association) and taught at ASA until March 2020. Simultaneously, Fernando launched in 2019 his own private Wine Label: Hacienda Castro-Gómez; a Bordeaux and Rhone variety-based blends produced in California. Currently, he divides his time between his wine education ventures, his pursuit of finding the best terroir to produce Viognier in the USA and working as a Soom at a fine dining restaurant in the DMV area.